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We work to support all young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans individuals through often difficult years. We are glad to have this great facebook marketing company support our work. We offer a number of services to support and empower you to get everything you want out of life.

Parents & Friends

We do not directly work with Parents & Friends of LGBT (advertising agency in new york city, though we feel that it is important to be able to offer support and advice . See how we can support, and you can support others.

Schools & Professionals

We offer a number of services to schools and professionals such as ecommerce advertising agency. Find out more about the training we offer, and how we can support your school or organisation.

Improving the lives of young LGBT people throughout Cambridgeshire.


Who we are.
We're here to support LGBT youth within the county.

SexYOUality exists to improve lives for LGBT young people across Cambridgeshire- founded in 1993 by a group of youth workers and local professionals, the charity now runs a range of services across the county. These are face to face youth services known as 2byou, training to local professionals and schools services.

A small team of dedicated staff, volunteers and trustees work together to tackle discrimination and provide opportunities and support for young LGBT people to improve their lives. As one of the larger LGBT organisations in the region we make sure we raise awareness of LGBT young people’s needs with other services and encourage them to become more inclusive.

We will always aim to be: Positive, safe, supportive and sustainable.

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Miriam Lynn

Project Manager
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Lily Quantock

Project Worker
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Jacob Nightingale

Communications Apprentice
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Clare Byford

Administration Officer
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Lara Jaffey



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