How we support you

The best way in which we can support you is to advise to learn and engage, research and understand. We’ve provided useful links to helpful sites and documents from around the web in our Resources section (Coming soon), please take the time to seek out information that will help you. FFLAG (Friends and Family of Lesbians And Gays) is a helpful place to look for support and information – you can visit their website here.

We also support by providing safe spaces for your young LGBT friends and family members to access should they need to. SexYOUality is here to help young LGBT people to feel supported, to learn about and understand their sexuality and gender identity.

Here at SexYOUality we understand the complexities faced by trans and gender non-binary young people and their families. In response to this we are constantly improving our trans services for young people, a branch of which is our trans parents and family support group.

We facilitate a support group for the parents and families of gender non-conforming children and adults. Run by the parents and carers of trans children who do not fit the gender-binary, the group offers emotional support to its members. It’s a place to talk, learn valuable information, and share your story.

To find out more about our youth services, please visit our LGBT section.

The group meets in Cambridge on the last Saturday morning of every month, for more information about the group please Contact us or call 01223 369508.